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Unexpected Emotional Strength

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Dear Little One, When I was pregnant with you, a lot of intense changes happened to my mind and body.  Some were expected (like constant nausea), but others… not so much.  Some of the most drastic changes were to my hormones and general mindset.  I achieved a sense of calm… Read more »

Fat-Shaming at Seven

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Dear Little One, Given that we’re near the beginning of the “stuff-your-face” holiday season, I thought it would be a good time to share this story. A few months ago, we were over at your dad’s parents’ house for dinner.  After dinner, everyone was in the backyard by the fire… Read more »

Cats! (Part One)

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Dear Little One, So the last post was… a bit of a downer, to say the least.  So, I’ve decided to go in a very different direction this time. Specifically – kittens!  We have two cats at the moment – Tweek and Bastet – and they’re pretty much as different… Read more »

Why I Take so Many Pictures

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Dear Little One, You may have noticed that I take an inordinate number of pictures and videos of you.  I recently had to buy more memory for my phone just so I could keep everything on there, in addition to having it all saved in Google Photos.  If I could,… Read more »

But… Fish Were Made on a Different Day

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Dear Little One, Since the last story featured my mom, I figured the next should have your dad’s mom.  Dealing with your dad’s mom has always been an interesting challenge for me. On the one hand, we’re quite similar.  We’re both strong-willed yet caring and kind (mostly), we’re both very… Read more »

The Day I Ruined My Mom’s Car

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Dear Little One, Many years ago, when I was ~7 or 8, your grandma managed to get a new car.  She had gone through numerous cars in her lifetime, but they had all been used and on their last legs.  But this time, this time she actually got a new… Read more »